Smart Key Emergency Start System “WAVE 2” (3D)

Original price was: €5,300.00.Current price is: €4,200.00.

Smart Key Emergency Start System “WAVE 2” (3D). Works with ALL OF THE CARS EQUIPPED WITH KEYLESS GO!


“WAVE-2” (is a low-distance and compact version of WAVE-1) makes a “bridge” between the car and its key.
“Answer” signal to the car comes directly from the key (distance can vary from 15m to 100m and depends on key type and battery condition inside the key), and allows you to open a doors and start a car engine.

The device allows you to open the door or start the car engine.

Transmitter dimensions (car side): 25x90x150 mm
Receiver dimensions (key side): 30x190x240 mm

Fully automatic system!

Tested on:
Mercedes W222 2015
Mercedes X164 2014
RangeRover Evogue 2014
RangeRover Vogue 2014
Toyota LC200 2015
NEW TOYOTA LC200, LEXUS LX570 from 2016
MAZDA CX-5 2014
KIA Sorento 2014
BMW 530D 2014