Code Grabber for Barriers + RFID Cards V.8

Original price was: €550.00.Current price is: €480.00.

Universal code grabber for automatic gates, barriers & RFID cards. The best code grabber for various automatics.


The device supports barriers, gates, automatic roll gates/doors – controlled by RC.

The universal code grabber for barriers copies the signal received the the barrier from the original remote control and automatically stores it in a memory cell. After this you can open/close the gates, barriers, roll gates/doors, etc.

Our device totally copies the original remote control and supports all the functions of the original remote control.

Added to the New version:

  1. NORMSTAHL system
  2. Increases receive & send signal distance
  3. Improved FAAC switch
  4. Fast code take over
  5. Full device turn off

The code grabber has a LC screen and side control wheel (joystick) making the navigation and device use comfortable. Incorporated battery with USB charging which also allows updating the device with the latest software.

The device has 4 modes:

  1. Scan and record mode
  2. Auto mode
  3. Jamming mode
  4. Code-switch mode

Available menu languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, other.

  • saving to cells with custom name
  • online floating signals mode, possibility to set any frequency
  • over 30 memory cells
  • setting the screen brightness
  • telescopic antenna
  • and more

The main difference is not only the record and open BUT full copy and replay of the original RC functions.

With the code switch mode, the device can solve all previously unsolvable tasks.

Tested on all possible devices! This device is far better than all previous ones!

The code grabber is especially useful when you have many devices in use – you can add them all to the code grabber and control them, thus freeing yourself from worries.

You can also use the code switch or auto modes and open things you always wanted!

About Code Grabber for Barriers + RFID Cards V.8

Working frequency: 433.92; 434.4; 315; 868 MHz
Memory cells: 50
Instruction: included
Battery: incorporated battery
Signal radius: up to 30 meters
Pick-up function Nice FLO: available
Self/home software update: available
Pick-up function Came TOP: avaialble
Code copy function: available
Dynamic code: available
Code switch function: available
Jamming function: available
Manual frequency setup: available (from 300 to 900 MHz)
Antenna: Telescopic